About Kennel Grand-Apso.

Hanne og Grand-Apso Olino Girl.
Olino Girl.


Grand-Apso Blue Silver Star.
Årslev 2002. 1P. 1V. m/ CK.


My name is Hanne Larsen, and I own kennel Grand-Apso, and have had Grand Danes´ for 29 years and Lhasa Apso for 20 years.
I work part time as a dentist's assistant.
My husband, Niels Aage, who assists with the kennel, and is therefore also home early every day.
We live on a old farm building whit a little village Bredsten.
Presently, we have 10 adult Grand Danes´ in 4 different colors; fawns, black, blue & harlequin. We also have one Lhasa Apso and two cat.
We raise 1-2 Grand Danes litters a year and the puppies stay in the house with us until they go to their new owners.

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